Elwell-Parker Re-launches Corporate Website after 12 Years Offline

Taylor Northeast - Elwell-ParkerPITTSBURGH, February 11, 2014 – H&K Equipment of Pittsburgh announced today that it has re-launched the corporate website of the Elwell-Parker Electric Company, a 120-year-old lift truck manufacturer formerly headquartered in Cleveland. The re-launch marks the first time the website,, has been active since being taken down in the spring of 2001.

The redesigned website is intended to serve as a practical resource for customers as well as a historical archive for Elwell-Parker's legacy, said H&K Equipment Operations Manager Patrick Koch. Koch's company purchased Elwell-Parker from Hoist Liftruck of Bedford, Illinois in 2010 and has since acted as the OEM and caretaker of the brand.

"Elwell-Parker's Cleveland manufacturing shop was shuttered in 2000, but there are still thousands of people using and working with this equipment every day," Koch said. "It's a strong ongoing legacy and we wanted to bring back the website to reflect that."

Taylor Northeast -  Vintage Elwell-Parker Lift TruckThe website features detailed vehicle descriptions and media including brochures, guides and spec sheets for many of Elwell-Parker's most popular product lines. There is also an extensive company history that explores Elwell-Parker's role in the material handling industry across three centuries.

In addition to product and company information, the website provides online contact forms for parts and service requests and will act as a gateway for industrial historians and equipment enthusiasts, Koch said. He added that H&K Equipment has also launched official Elwell-Parker accounts on Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter.

"There is a growing demand for information about these machines," Koch said. "We get a lot of calls from people who want to know whether we have Elwell-Parker trucks available, and increasingly people are asking about the brand online."

"Demand for Elwell-Parker parts is very high," added Howard Fugitt, who oversees purchasing for special engineered products and maintains the Elwell-Parker archives at H&K Equipment's Coraopolis, Pennsylvania facility. "We have trucks in service that are 40, 50, almost 60 years old. Many are so specialized that they literally do not exist anywhere else. The website will make it easier for these customers to contact us so we can get them what they're looking for."

"We have all the original designs and technical information, so we can service, repair or manufacture any Elwell-Parker lift truck from any era, some dating back over 100 years," Fugitt said. "Many people don't realize that we have these capabilities or that Elwell-Parker is still an active brand. The website will help grow that awareness."

Originally one of the nation's oldest makers of electric motors, Elwell-Parker was founded in Cleveland in 1893. In 1906 the company entered the material handling industry when it developed the first electric-powered material handling truck for the Pennsylvania Railroad. Elwell-Parker also built the first low-lift truck in 1914 and helped pioneer many of the first forklifts and other early models of mobile industrial equipment.

In spite of enjoying nearly a century of success, Elwell-Parker was sold to Hoist Liftruck in 2000 after experiencing steep declines following downturns in American manufacturing and increased overseas competition. Elwell-Parker's website was taken offline and redirected to its parent company's website the following year.

Taylor Northeast - HK EquipmentH&K Equipment, which itself was founded from an Elwell-Parker dealership by Alan Heidenrich and current CEO George Koch in 1983, has been working to maintain Elwell-Parker's prominence in its core markets since gaining ownership of the company in 2010.

"My career in the industry started because of Elwell-Parker," George Koch said. "Our success was made possible by what they did and it means a great deal to this company to continue that tradition." He added, "Now we have American manufacturing making a comeback; it's time for Elwell-Parker to make a comeback also."

About Elwell-Parker

An American institution since 1893, for over a century the Elwell-Parker Electric Company had a reputation for problem-solving through engineering, designing some of the most specialized industrial vehicles ever produced. In addition to forklifts, Elwell-Parker also developed electric coil handlers, die handlers and high-capacity platform trucks. A subsidiary of H&K Equipment since 2010, Elwell-Parker continues to be known for setting the standard in material handling.

About H&K Equipment

H&K Equipment is a leading full-service provider of lift trucks, container handlers, yard trucks, railcar movers, personnel carriers and industrial cleaning equipment. Founded near Pittsburgh in 1983, H&K Equipment now leads a family of subsidiary companies that employs over 240 people in eight facilities across Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland. In addition to Elwell-Parker, H&K Equipment is also the owner and OEM for the brands Autolift and Schreck.


Taylor Northeast, a provider of material handling equipment and solutions, has begun construction of a 5,600 square foot expansion at its Morgantown, PA facility. The expansion, its largest since 1992, will significantly increase Taylor Northeast's operating capacity and help extend its service area throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.

Taylor Northeast - ground breaking
Morgantown, PA, September 12, 2012

Taylor Northeast announced today it has broken ground on a half a million dollar expansion to its main facility in Morgantown, Pennsylvania. The expansion, which includes a new warehouse and parts storage extension, will greatly increase Taylor Northeast's capacity to provide material handling equipment and industrial cleaning equipment to customers throughout the region.

"This is an important part of our strategy to provide more equipment solutions to more businesses in even more areas. It's an exciting major step for Taylor Northeast and our customers."

The expansion, according to sales manager Kevin Koch, is the result of the steady growth of Taylor Northeast's product inventory and service area over the past two decades. The company, which was founded in 1988, initially specialized in sales, rentals, and service of forklifts and material handling equipment for customers in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. It has since added railcar movers, personnel carriers, and cleaning machines such as floor sweepers and scrubbers to its core product lines. It now services much of the Mid-Atlantic region and parts of the Northeast. 

"We were running out of room and needed the space to increase our operating capabilities," Koch said. "Soon we'll be able to add service bays, increase our workspace, and become more efficient."

The expansion will feature a new 5,000 square foot drive-in warehouse that will be attached to the existing shop. The facility's parts room will also be extended, with additional space provided for small parts and storage. Construction of the new building, which began on August 22nd, is expected to be completed in early 2013.

Koch added that planning for the project began in the spring of 2011 and is Taylor Northeast's largest physical expansion since the opening of its Baltimore, Maryland branch in 1992. He also noted that the Morgantown branch has operated out of the same building for over 22 years.

"We came to a point where we were forced to use some of our shop space for storage, all while we were trying to take on new projects," Koch said. "We were ready for more in terms of the workload we had coming in and how we wanted to manage our rental fleet and other needs."

He added, "We expect to immediately gain an extra 1800 square feet of shop space. We broke ground as soon as the building permits were online."

The new additions are being built by Hollenbach Construction of Boyertown, Pennsylvania -- the same company that constructed the current facility in 1990. Koch said he was glad the site's original contractor could be a part of its expansion.

"It's great that Hollenbach was here back in the early days and now they're part of our ongoing growth as a company," Koch said. "This is an important part of our strategy to provide more equipment solutions to more businesses in even more areas. It's an exciting major step for Taylor Northeast and our customers."


Taylor Northeast was founded in 1988 in Morgantown, Pennsylvania to provide a broad range of material handling equipment, industrial cleaning equipment, and other plant and facility management solutions to businesses in Eastern Pennsylvania and beyond. It maintains a branch location in Baltimore, Maryland and is part of the H&K Family of Companies. In addition to sales, rentals, and service, Taylor Northeast also offers remanufacturing services, custom-tailored leasing opportunities, onsite safety training, and much more.
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