Industrial Sweeper Brushes

Taylor Northeast has a complete inventory of brooms, sweeper brushes and pad holders for all makes and models of industrial sweepers and equipment. The difference between a clean floor and wasted labor is the quality of the wearable parts in your machine; our OEM and aftermarket rotary brushes are chosen to deliver long term maximum productivity.

From light to heavy cleaning, we have brushes that are custom-fit to your machine and your application, including:
  • Natural Fiber Brushes - For carpets and delicate floors or areas where fine dust is a concern.
  • Steel with Polypropylene Brushes - For heavy duty sweeping both indoors and outdoors.
  • Polypropylene Brushes - For high-caliber cleanup of larger debris and litter that is also less abrasive on floors than steel brushes.

Quality Engineering for Your Cleaning Environment

Considerations like grit, floor texture and bristle type matter when outfitting your equipment. We will help you find the brushes and brooms that are best designed for the cleaning challenges you face in your facility.

OEM Selections that Fit All Industrial Sweepers

We direct ship parts from over 30 manufacturers and can supply the proper brooms, brushes and pads for all makes and models of industrial equipment, not just our product lines. Our brushes are designed and balanced to perfectly match the speed and power of your exact machine.

Streak-Free Cleaning and One-Pass Coverage

Many "one-size-fits-all" brushes tend to be partially misaligned and make uneven contact with the floor surface, leaving streaks and wearing some parts of the brush down faster than others. The Nilfisk-Advance OEM brushes at Taylor Northeast ensure complete and even coverage across the entire range of the brush.

Longer Lifespans and Better Value

Cleaning is an art, but cleaning machines are a science. Using brushes and brooms that are mismatched to your machine and environment will adversely affect how well they work. By using the right bristles, patterns and density you can clean more with much less wear.

Total Affordability

We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry and will get your wearables delivered to you sooner and for less. Contact us today and find out how affordable we can be!

We will help you pick the bust sweeper brushes and rotary brooms for your machines. Ask about our stocking customer program and start saving 10% on all Advance wearable parts!
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