Concrete Polishers and Preperation

Sometimes your floors need more than just a deep clean; they need a full restoration. With Diamabrush concrete polish and preparation tools you can turn your existing auto scrubber from TNE Franklin into a complete floor rehabilitation system. There is no extra equipment to invest in, no harsh chemical agents to apply, no special technicians to hire -- your operators can bring your concrete flooring back to its former glory simply by running the same machines they already use every day.

How the Diamabrush Concrete Preparation Process Works

Diamabrush concrete polishing and preparation tools are special rotary discs that are compatible with any standard floor buffer or industrial floor scrubber, including walk-behind and rider models. They are affixed to your machine the same way as your brushes, and each disc features a different diamond-studded grit that abrades concrete without damaging it.

Every Diamabrush disc is part of a multi-step process that will achieve any level of clean and sheen that you desire. From removing "permanent" stains to creating showroom quality gloss, Diamabrush tools completely rejuvenate your floor with virtually none of the expense of traditional polishing systems.

Diamabrush can also quickly and safely remove floor coatings and adhesives without the use of solvents, including substances like:
  • Paint
  • Terrazzo
  • Black mastic and thin set
  • Glue and adhesive
  • Polyurethane and varnish

Need to Deep Clean More Than You Need to Polish?

Diamabrush tools can be used for "aggressive cleaning" to annihilate floor stains and discolorations regardless of the quality or texture of the surface. A single Diamabrush blade can achieve a maximum clean for over 100,000 square feet of floor space without needing to be replaced. And when blades do wear out, new blades can quickly be installed individually without discarding the entire disc.

Concrete Preparation Tools - Your Floors Have Never Been Cleaner

The Diamabrush Concrete Preparation Tool cleans and readies your floor for further polishing or recoating. Each tool in the series features a sequence of special spring-loaded steel blades that are mounted to a rotary disc which can be easily attached to your floor scrubber. A rough-textured diamond grit that has been bonded to each blade acts as a flexible abrasive that erodes sealants, stains and embedded dirt.

When a blade wears out, it can be replaced in moments using nothing more than a screwdriver. No other tools are needed.

Have a floor that's taken years of abuse? Get Concrete Prep Plus!

Diamabrush and Taylor Northeast now offer the Concrete Prep Plus Tool, a new heavy-duty option for hard-use concrete floors that have layers of accumulated stains, grime and coatings. The enhanced abrasive blades of Concrete Prep Plus go deeper and last up to four times longer than the standard Concrete Preparation Tool.

Diamabrush Concrete Polishing Tools Save You Thousands

By working with your existing machines, Diamabrush Concrete Polishing Tools can literally save you thousands of dollars over the cost of buying or renting traditional concrete polishing equipment. Diamabrush polishing discs convert your floor scrubber into a professional-grade polisher that will have your surfaces presentation-ready with very little investment in parts or labor.

Each polishing tool is part of a system of increasingly fine grit blades. The finer the grit you work up to, the more brilliant the polish. A maximum showroom-level polish can be achieved in six steps, but the tiered system of discs allows you to pinpoint the finish you want for your floor.

Mastic and Coating Removal Tools - Do Not Invest in Grinding Equipment

Anyone who's ever had to remove old coatings and adhesives from concrete knows it can be an incredibly frustrating and time-consuming job. Those days are over. When you attach the Diamabrush Mastic Removal Tool to your current floor scrubber or buffer, you will be ready to remove any coating or adhesive from your floor -- with no more effort than you spend during a normal cleaning cycle.

The diamond-coated blades of each Diamabrush disc strip foreign materials away and abrade the surface down to the pores of the concrete, which are sealed and polished with each pass of your floor scrubber. Once you are finished with the Diamabrush Mastic Removal Tool, you can wash the dust away or clean normally with your scrubber to reveal a perfect, untarnished floor. There is no additional scraping to do and there are no chemical agents to use.
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