Detroit Diesel DD13

Designed specifically for Less-Than-Truckload, Regional Distribution and Vocational applications, the DD13 diesel engine delivers serviceability, performance and up to 5% better fuel-economy—so you don't have to choose between an engine with great fuel economy, serviceability and performance ever again.
Detroit Diesel DD13

DD13® Engine

Great fuel economy, serviceability and performance for your LTL, vocational or regional trucking needs. Learn all about the Detroit Diesel DD13.

Demand Fuel-Economy

The Detroit Diesel DD13 engine provides a smart, fuel-efficient design that makes the most of every gallon-offering up to 5% better fuel-economy by integrating groundbreaking technologies:
  • Amplified Common Rail Fuel System (ACRS™) optimizes each injection event
  • Advanced time-based cooling system decreases the fan.
  • Strong pull down to 1100 RPM offers up a fuel economy "sweet spot"
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