SC8000 Automatic Scrubber with EcoFlex

Advance SC8000 in use

The Advance SC8000 Automatic Scrubber with EcoFlex is one of the most innovative environmental cleaning solutions ever and is the marquis machine in the Taylor Northeast fleet of equipment! Offering the widest cylindrical scrub deck in its class, an EcoFlex onboard detergent dispensing system and a Kubota-powered engine, the SC8000 can handle any job, no matter how dirty the surrounding environment gets.

Built to Cover the Most Floor Space of Any Machine in Its Class

With the ability to clean up to 100,000 square feet in an hour on a single tank, the SC8000 Automatic Scrubber is tailor-made for major applications like large aircraft hangers, manufacturing plants, parking garages, amusement parks, large warehouses and wholesale facilities.

Industrial Strength Solutions Designed to Drive Down Costs

Advance SC8000 Automatic Scrubber with EcoFlex2Every moment you spend cleaning is a moment you could be doing something else, which is why maximum productivity is baked into every aspect of the SC8000's design.

The counter-rotational dual cylindrical scrub deck effectively sweeps and scrubs in a single pass-through, while an innovative onboard dust suppression system keeps particulates from going airborne and spreading to other areas of your facility.

This eliminates the need for pre-sweeping with a second machine and can increase productivity up to 71%.

Kubota Engine and 100 Gallon Tanks Go the Distance

Fueled by a Kubota LP or diesel engine and backed by 100 gallon solution and recovery tanks, the SC8000 Automatic Scrubber has all the power and tools that it needs to get more done in less time. How much more? The SC8000 can easily clean over one-and-a-half football fields of floor space in the span of an hour. The Kubota engine also offers quiet, low-maintenance operation with a solidly enclosed engine compartment -- there are no timing belts or chains to worry about.

Cost-Efficient Environmentally-Friendly EcoFlex System

The SC8000's EcoFlex technology is an environmentally sensitive system that sets new standards in productivity and green cleaning by reducing the amount of water and detergent used during operation, helping to control waste, increase efficiency and improve your bottom line. Detergent, water flow and brush pressure are controlled directly from an ergonomic touch panel via four modes to let the operator decide exactly how much cleaning power is needed for each task.

Water Only - Standard brush power mixed with controlled water sprays and zero detergent make this the ideal mode for touching up light traffic areas of your facility.

Ultra-Low Detergent - Perfect for routine cleaning of hallways and common areas that see a lot of foot traffic. This mode uses minimum detergent to wipe out daily dirt and to help your floors shine.

Standard Detergent - For porous floors or busy equipment areas, this mode uses the classic cleaning power of Advance technology to get down deep and eliminate dirt and oil.

Burst of Power - Anyone responsible for facility cleaning knows that the toughest challenges are usually found in dirty entryways, and this mode was designed with precisely that situation in mind. By temporarily increasing brush pressure, water flow and detergent, Burst of Power mode eliminates stubborn stains and restores your surfaces to their former glory.

Clear-View Visibility and Other Standard Features

Advance SC8000 Automatic Scrubber with EcoFlex3Like all Advance rider scrubbers, the SC8000 is built with a front-steer Clear-View cockpit, which gives the operator greater maneuverability and direct sight lines to the floor -- no more neck craning or standing up to see what's ahead.

The SC8000 Automatic Scrubber is designed to be easy to clean up and maintain. All major systems -- such as engine and hydraulics -- can be quickly accessed without the use of tools. Squeegees, brushes and blades are also easily accessible and can be changed with minimal effort or downtime.

Additional standard features include a wide drain hose, heavy-duty steel front bumper, large corrosion-resistant debris hopper, adjustable seat and tilt steering wheel.

Discover more of what floor scrubbing machines and other environmental cleaning solutions from Advance can do for your business. All units are available for sale, rent and lease from Taylor Northeast.

Taylor Northeast can help you rent or own the Advance SC8000 Automatic Scrubber today. We supply the machine, the training and the flexibility to get the job done -- all you need to supply is the manpower. Call 1-800-762-2500 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Downloadable Resources

Informational Videos

Common Applications

  • Large Warehouses
  • Large Distribution Centers
  • Mills and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Airport Hangers
  • Port Facilities
  • Transit Depots
  • Parking Garages

Key Specifications

  • Clean over 95,500 square feet per hour
  • 48 inch dual cylindrical scrub deck
  • Scrub paths up to 62 inches
  • Powered by a Kubota LP or diesel engine
  • 100 gallon solution tank
  • 100 gallon recovery tank
  • 1.5 square foot debris hopper
  • DustGuard dust suppression system
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