SC1500 Walk-Behind Scrubber

Advance SC1500 Walk-Behind Scrubber

The Advance SC1500 is a stand-up automatic scrubber designed to adequately clean small to medium-sized areas. This scrubber is fitted with a high-capacity tank – 12.5-gallon recovery tank and a 12-gallon solution tank – to ensure that the operator can cover a greater surface area before emptying the tank. In combination with the high-capacity tank, the SC1500 has high scrub speed capabilities, both of which will help improve your bottom line.

This industrial stand-on scrubber provides the productivity of a rider scrubber with the cost-efficiency of a walk-behind unit.

Efficient and Effective

The 20-inch disc of this stand-up scrubber affords you the ability to clean floors daily, but is also tough enough for deep, less-frequent scrubbing. The SC1500 was designed to be highly productive and efficient, so scrub time is totally dependent on the flow rate selected by the operator, as the large 12-gallon tank has different outputs for different flow rates.

If the operator decides that a low flow rate is the best choice for the job, then you can expect 75 minutes worth of scrub time per solution tank. With that in mind, a medium flow rate will allot 34 minutes of scrub time, while a high flow rate can scrub for a total of 24 minutes.

At a maximum scrub speed of 2.6 miles per hour, with a low flow rate selected, the SC1500 can cover a maximum of 26,400 square feet in one pass.

Easy and Green

With an easy to use onboard LCD graphical display, the SC1500 is incredibly simple to operate – even for beginners. Things such as brush pressure, detergent strength, solution flow and vacuum options are controlled with a single button. This allows you to limit solution and water waste, cutdown on machine stoppage, and select the proper settings on the fly.

Adjusting the EcoFlex settings is just as easy, as one button controls the output. If you find yourself in a highly soiled zone, the Burst of Power button can easily increase cleaning performance. On the flip side, if you’re nearing a less dirty area, you can quickly adjust the level of cleaning solution that the machine is outputting, even opting for a completely chemical-free mode. This will save cleaning solution, as well as battery power.

Downloadable Resources

Common Applications

  • Airports and Hangers
  • Assembly Plants
  • Athletic Facilities
  • Clean Manufacturing
  • Dry Food Processing
  • Smooth Floors
  • Warehousing
Key Specs
  • 5-inch squeegee width
  • 5-inch minimum aisle turn width
  • 5-gallon recovery tank
  • 12-gallon solution tank
  • 26,400 square feet max coverage
  • 6 mph max scrub speed
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