CS7010 Hybrid Sweeper-Scrubber

Advance CS7010 Ride-On

Built with a heavy-gauge industrial steel unibody frame and outfitted with impact-absorbing polymer body panels, the Advance CS7010 combination rider sweeper-scrubber is a durable machine capable of cleaning large areas in a minimal amount of time.

Hybrid Technology

This hybrid and ePower combination sweeper features standard dual side brooms to ensure that the squeegee path is unobstructed during the cleaning process. The CS7010’s 48-inch scrubbing path and 61-inch sweeping path allows operators to scrub up to 118,600 square feet per hour, and sweep up to 146,600 square feet per hour. This machine also sports a scrub pressure with up to 400 pounds of down force that will leave even the dirtiest of floors sparkling.

The easy-to-use control panel allows the operator to quickly switch from battery power to LPG/gas or diesel hybrid modes. Each operation mode has a different operational run time with the battery power mode topping out at 5.4 hours of sweeping/scrubbing time. LPG/gas mode will clean for 5.5 hours and 5.9 hours, respectively. And, lastly, diesel operations will run for a maximum of 15 hours with a full 9.2-gallon tank.

Standard and Optional Features

The CS7010 comes standard with a 75-gallon recovery and solution tank capacity. Advance’s SmartFlow technology takes all of the guess work out of cleaning, as the solution flow matches up with the machine’s speed. This means less solution for a slower speed and more solution for a faster speed.

Additionally, this machine has a ton of optional features. For greener cleaning solutions in industrial applications, a dual-tank EcoFlex system is available. DustGuard is another offered amenity, and one that improves safety and cleaning capabilities. The CS7010 can also be fitted with an overhead guard, bumper guards, tail lights, a heated water supply, and much more if deemed necessary.

Downloadable Resources:

Typical Applications

  • Food and Beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Parking Lots and Ramps
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Transportation Facilities
  • Warehouses/Distribution Centers
Key Specs
  • High-Capacity 75-Gallon Tanks
  • Rear Wheel Steering
  • IP55-rated Electric Motors
  • 48-Inch Scrubbing Path
  • 61-Inch Sweeping Path
  • 104-Inch Minimum Aisle Turn
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