Advenger Industrial Scrubber

Advance Advenger Rider Scrubber

The Advance Advenger Industrial Scrubber is a potent floor machine that maintains the highest standards in green cleaning. Armed with the award-winning EcoFlex System, the Advenger uses a range of cleaning modes that give the operator full discretion on where, when and how to apply its deep cleaning power.

Limitless Applications, Suitable as an Industrial or Commercial Scrubber

Advance Advenger Industrial Scrubber with EcoFlex2With multiple options for variable cleaning path widths and scrub head types, there's an Advenger model for every cleaning application. From industrial environments like warehouses and shops; to more commercial environments like grocery and retail stores, hotels, restaurants and entertainment complexes; to sensitive areas like government installations, hospitals and schools. Wherever you find people and hard floors, you'll find the Advance Advenger eliminating dirt.

The Power of a Rider Scrubber, the Flexibility of a Walk-Behind

The Advenger Industrial Scrubber gives operators the power and the reach of a rider scrubber, but is designed to be a versatile cleaning solution for a variety of commercial and industrial environments where you might not typically find larger machines. The standard 28 inch cleaning path lets the Advenger clean up to 39,424 square feet per hour and can be upgraded to a 34 inch cleaning path for larger areas.

But even after covering so much ground, the Advenger can still fit into some tight spaces -- this compact rider scrubber can make a complete u-turn in aisles as narrow as 63 inches wide. 

The Advenger is also available with a selection of different scrub heads to best fit your business's needs. Choose from the standard disc type, cylindrical or the brand new REV, which offers the highest level of cleaning effectiveness yet.

Sensitive to the Environment, Not to Dirt

Equipped with Advance EcoFlex technology and an emissions-free whisper-quiet powertrain, the Advenger commercial scrubber is the ideal choice for noise-restricted areas such as schools, hospitals, grocery stores and hotels. The 63.7 decibel output is about as loud as a normal conversation, meaning you'll never have to worry about excess noise bothering students, patients or shoppers.

Other features include an adjustable steering column and front steering for enhanced operator sightlines, an open compartment for easy boarding, refillable detergent cartridges and high traction non-marking urethane tires.

Learn more about what Advance floor scrubbing machines from Taylor Northeast can do for your business. Economical purchase, rental and leasing options are always available.

Taylor Northeast can help you rent or own Advance Advenger Industrial Scrubbers today. We supply the machines, the training and the flexibility to get the job done -- all you need to supply is the manpower. Call 1-800-762-2500 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Downloadable Resources

Common Applications

  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Government Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Department Stores
  • Warehouses

Key Specifications

  • Clean up to 39,424 square feet per hour
  • Scrub paths up to 34 inches
  • REV dual random orbit, disc or cylindrical scrub heads
  • 28 gallon solution tank
  • 29 gallon recovery tank
  • 63 inch minimum turnaround aisle width
  • EcoFlex cleaning technology
  • High traction non-marking urethane tires
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