Adgressor Industrial Floor Scrubber

Advance Adgressor In Use

The Advance Adgressor Industrial Floor Scrubber with EcoFlex is a powerful, versatile and environmentally conscious rider scrubber that's easy to use and puts major cleaning challenges within comfortable reach. Thanks to Advance's commitment to responsive design, the Adgressor is built to instantly adapt to changing circumstances for maximum speed and productivity. The Adgressor is the first riding floor scrubber to make your floors cleaner with less: less water, less detergent, less energy and less time.

The Riding Floor Scrubber that Pays for Itself

Why upgrade from a walk-behind to a rider industrial floor scrubber? An Advance Adgressor can clean over 1.5 times more floor space each hour than a walk-behind model with a comparable scrub path. The Adgressor cleans a larger area faster and keeps your operators better rested so they'll be able to accomplish more during each shift, too. Just a year's worth of labor savings alone will pay off the extra cost of using a rider model.

Find the Machines to Fit the Job, Not the Other Way Around

The Adgressor Riding Floor Scrubber is available in three model classes with multiple options and features to fit any cleaning application. Each model offers different scrub and squeegee widths and different degrees of output, but remember that no matter which model you choose, you're not locked into any one scrub head size -- you can easily upgrade from smaller to larger at any time thanks to interchangeable scrub decks.

The advantages of each model:

The Adgressor 3220
The 3220 model has a 32 inch scrub path, 36 inch squeegee width and the ability to clean up to 56,320 square feet per hour.

The Adgressor 3520
The 3520 model has a 35 inch scrub path, 42.1 inch squeegee path and the ability to tackle up to 61,600 square feet of floor space per hour.

The Adgressor 3820
The 3820 model, the largest in the series, comes with three 0.6 hp disc brush drives that give it a 38 inch scrub path and the ability to clean a whopping 66,880 square feet per hour.

EcoFlex: The Cleaning Technology for All Occasions

Every Adgressor Industrial Floor Scrubber model comes packaged with Advance's award-winning EcoFlex technology. The beauty of EcoFlex is that it allows the operator to instantly adjust the Adgressor's cleaning power to match any situation by choosing one of four modes:

Water Only - Lets the scrubbers do the dirty work and eliminates all detergents from the mix, reducing cleaning costs while being environmentally friendly.

Ultra-Low Detergent - Works for routine cleaning situations where some detergent is required, but with an eye towards sustainability.

Standard Detergent - For dirty or greasy areas, this option applies a consistent level of detergent and pad pressure for a beautiful clean.

Burst of Power - When regular cleaning just won't cut it, or when you need a truly deep clean, punch it up to this mode for unsurpassed results -- ideal for intense cleaning projects or floor restoration.

Nimbleness and Perfect Visibility: The Right Combination for Your Facility

Advance Adgressor Industrial Floor Scrubber with EcoFlex3The Adgressor is nimble by design and can navigate surprisingly tight areas courtesy of its 63 inch minimum aisle width turnaround. And with Advance's Clear-View operator compartment, the user maintains all necessary sightlines for a more efficient and productive clean.

Where does the Adgressor work best? Anywhere there's a lot of floor to clean and corners to turn. From distribution centers and warehouses to stadiums and arenas, the Advance Adgressor has the flexibility and productivity you need in an industrial riding floor scrubber.

Find more information and resources about these and other models of floor scrubbing machines available from Taylor Northeast.

Taylor Northeast can help you rent or own the Advance Adgressor Industrial Floor Scrubber today. We supply the machine and the training to get the job done -- all you need to supply is the manpower. Call 1-800-762-2500 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Downloadable Resources

Informational Videos

Common Applications

  • Food and Beverage Facilities
  • Retail Centers
  • Government Buildings
  • Universities
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Airport Terminals
  • Warehouses

Key Specifications

  • Clean up to 66,880 square feet per hour (3820 model)
  • Scrub paths up to 38 inches
  • 42 gallon polyethylene solution tank
  • 42 gallon polyethylene recovery tank
  • Disc or cylindrical scrub head
  • 63 inch minimum turnaround aisle width
  • EcoFlex cleaning technology
  • Horn and backup alarm
  • Metal bumpers
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