7765 Rider Sweeper-Scrubber

Advance 7765 Rider Sweeper Scrubber

The Advance 7765 Rider Sweeper-Scrubber is the machine that does it all. This heavy-duty industrial rider sweeper-scrubber is a cleaning powerhouse capable of completing jobs that would normally require two machines and twice the labor costs. The Advance 7765 features an impressive 16 cubic foot debris hopper and dual 100 gallon solution and recovery tanks that hold their own against the largest sweeper-only or scrubber-only machines.

With the 7765 You Don't Have to Compromise

Advance 7765 Rider Sweeper Scrubber2

The Advance 7765 Rider Sweeper-Scrubber gives you the best features of an industrial sweeper and a scrubber in one powerful machine. There's no need for pre-sweeping or multiple pieces of equipment. The 7765 has a large 60 inch cleaning path and a massive hopper with more than enough capacity and reach for the big open spaces of warehouses, manufacturing plants and parking garages.

The Advance 7765 comes standard with a 107 square foot dust filter with automatic shaker, power steering and full hydraulic operation. Other standard features include a variable dump system, wraparound bumper and a hopper safety arm.

The Power of Productivity

Dirt, grease, oil and grime are no problem for the Advance 7765 Rider Sweeper-Scrubber. With up to 600 pounds of downward brush pressure, nothing gets left behind. Even as more dirt is released from the surface, the floor is left residue-free thanks to the 7765's patented Accu-Track squeegee system. The finished surface is clean, dry and safe for foot traffic, even around tight turns.

Longer Duty Cycles = More Time for Everything Else

The 7765 is built to handle long hours in big spaces and harsh environments. The huge 100 gallon solution and recovery tanks allow you to focus more on cleaning while spending less time dumping waste water and refilling. And when it's time for a change-out, the recovery tanks tilt outward to reduce the time spent draining and refilling.

The engine, meanwhile, is available in gas, LP or diesel configurations that give the 7765 the power and range you need to go the distance of a wide area.

Enjoy Easier Access, Less Maintenance and More Options

Advance 7765 Rider Sweeper Scrubber3Like other Advance products, the 7765 is designed to keep maintenance simple by featuring easy access to engine and electric components, while the brushes and squeegees can be switched out without using any tools. Combine all these features with heavy-duty solid steel construction and the end result is a unit that will hold up for years to come. 

If it's not going to do the job better than any other machine out there, we don't offer it. Preview other sweeper-scrubbers from Advance, available now at Taylor Northeast.

Taylor Northeast has the resources to help you rent or own the Advance 7765 Rider Sweeper-Scrubber. In addition to our customized rental and financed plans, we also supply expert training. All you need to do is talk to us! Call 1-800-762-2500 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

Downloadable Resources

Informational Videos

Common Applications

  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Automotive Facilities
  • Retail Warehouses
  • Food and Beverage Warehouses
  • Parking Facilities

Key Specifications

  • Scrub paths of up to 54 inches
  • Sweep paths of up to 60 inches
  • 100 gallon solution tank
  • 100 gallon recovery tank
  • 16 cubic foot hopper
  • Powerful gas or diesel engine
  • Accu -Track squeegee
  • Heavy gauge welded steel chassis
  • Power steering
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